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EA extends Unreal Engine partnership

Likes it, wants more.

Electronic Arts has decided to extend its Unreal Engine 3 licence so it can use it to build more games.

The Epic-developed technology will feature in plenty of titles going forward, including five that EA is currently working on - although no one is telling us what they are.

"Epic is committed to providing EA with the premier development infrastructure, tools and technology for its upcoming games," said Mark Rein, loudest at Epic Games.

"We're extremely excited that EA has chosen to expand their use of Unreal Engine 3 and we can't wait to see more of the great games they will produce with it."

Unreal Engine 3 was the horsepower underneath Medal of Honor Airborne and Army of Two, and has been the foundation for around 74 games to date - just off the top of our Wikipedia.

The much-licensed engine has undergone many improvements, too, and these were demonstrated at the Game Developers Conference in February.

We asked Mark Rein how much an Unreal Engine 3 license costs at GDC and he asked us how much we got paid.

Which is heavier, Eurogamer reader?