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Euro Army of Two DLC on Live

Better late than never.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Veteran Map Pack for Army of Two is now available on the European Live Marketplace.

Those of you in the US have had access to it since the end of May, frustratingly, and for some unknown reason we've had to wait and hold it in.

But, now, all except Germany can enjoy a couple of extra co-operative levels as well as a fresh multiplayer arena.

Army of Two, if you really don't know, is a shooter designed to be played by you and a friend, and sports all sorts of nifty tag-team tricks you can do together. Relying on the computer to control your pal is much less fun, so if you have a friend at the ready then this may be worth picking up.

Pop over to our Army of Two review for a full rundown.

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