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Army of Two Veteran pack this week

More co-op challenges on Thurs.

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EA has said that the Veteran Map Pack for Army of Two will be out on PS3 and 360 this Thursday.

The free bundle adds two fresh co-op campaign scenarios: one underground in a Kiev subway station where you have to destroy some gang, and the other in Miami where you get to kill some bosses and an ex-boss and someone else who framed someone or something.

Enhancements have been made to the China Canal Lock multiplayer map by the sound of things, and it should have plenty more destructible bits and pieces lying around now.

Army of Two is an enjoyable shooter made even more fun with a friend, which is how it was designed to be played. You could do worse than rent it; Amy Winehouse, for example.

Pop over to our Army of Two review to find out why.

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