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No Army of Two demo pre-release

Might do one later.

Army of Two lead designer Chris Ferriera says that as much as EA Montreal would love to do a demo, they sort of need to concentrate on the game instead.

Asked when we might see one, he told Eurogamer: "Not prior to release. I don't know if there'll be something later, but the thing is given our release date [15th November for PS3 and Xbox 360 in the US and Europe] and where we're at, we'd rather focus on this rather than taking engineers off and having them do a demo."

Ferriera also refused to be drawn on whether we'd see more players supported in future.

"I can't talk about any expandability beyond the two-player co-op. I'm not allowed to talk about that right now," he said, describing two players as "an easy entry point" for the company's co-op approach.

As to whether that rules out an Army of Four or Army of Sixteen further down the line, he joked: "I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of such numbers of players."

For more on Army of Two, check out our recent first impressions, and look out for the full interview with Chris Ferriera soon.

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Army of Two

PS3, Xbox 360

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