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Army of Two dated

November in US/Europe.

Army of Two will be released on 15th November for PS3 and Xbox 360, EA said today, and that date applies to North America and Europe.

Developed by EA's Montreal studio, Army of Two is built from the ground up to take advantage of co-operative gameplay. The result is a third-person shooter that not only offers drop-in/drop-out co-op gameplay locally and on the Internet, but also introduces gameplay features built around the concept of two players fighting together.

One such element is the "Aggro-meter". Built around the principles of "aggro" in MMO games, it swings toward the player who's causing the most mayhem - firing his gun a lot, killing people, etc. - and biases the enemy response to focus on him, allowing the other player to flank. When the meter swings the whole way, the "aggro" player can activate "Overkill" mode - a temporary burst of double-damage and unlimited ammo that also frees up the other player to go and perform stealth kills.

Other co-op ideas include a range of tandem moves for climbing objects and healing, all of which you'll be able to read about in our forthcoming hands-on preview, where we'll also help you understand why "tampons" are such a big deal in the shady world of Private Military Contractors.

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Army of Two

PS3, Xbox 360

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