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EA's first original next-gen title

A co-op action game.

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EA's announced that its first original title for next-gen systems is a principally co-operative action game called Army of Two.

The first game from EA's Montreal studio, it's been in development for the past year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and should be out during 2007.

Army of Two "will throw gamers into hot spots ripped from current day headlines," says EA, where they will use two-man strategies and tactics, transitioning between playing with an AI partner or a live player.

We're told that EA's wanted to make this for ages, but until now it's felt that the hardware couldn't deliver a suitably believable co-operative AI player.

"ARMY OF TWO is a first for EA in many ways. This is the first EA studio to be built entirely from the ground-up. This is EA's first original title for the next-gen systems," says EA Montreal general manager Alain Tascan. And "ARMY OF TWO is the first game to put players inside tactical warfare involving Private Military Corporations."

Expect to hear more about Army of Two in the coming weeks and months. There's no direct word on an E3 showing, but we wouldn't be all that surprised.

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