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Gran Turismo 5 to come on three discs?

Mock-up packaging hints at bulky bundle.

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Those perceptive little prancing pony enthusiasts over at GT Planet have observed that Gran Turismo 5 may come on three discs when it's released next year.

The news comes courtesy of Gran Turismo's dad, Kazunori Yamauchi, who can be seen cradling a GT5 box in a video highlighting the relationship between Mercedes and Polyphony Digital's "Real Driving Simulator".

The box appears to consist of three Blu-ray cases - one black, one red, one blue - in a cardboard sleeve, although there's no elaboration on this.

That seems a bit excessive, too, given that even single-layer Blu-ray discs have capacity of 25GB, so goodness knows what's going on. Perhaps one's a bonus disc, perhaps one isn't even a disc but in fact a booklet, or something.

We asked Sony this morning but the game's publisher said it had no comment.

Gran Turismo 5 is due out for PS3 in March 2010 in Japan and at around the same time in Europe.

Polyphony has promised over 1000 cars and 20 track locations (around 70 circuit layouts), and the long-awaited addition of damage modelling. Yamauchi also said recently that unlocks in Gran Turismo for PSP would feed into GT5, and there's talk of other nifty features like head-tracking via PlayStation Eye.

Check out our E3 interview with Kazunori Yamauchi for a bit more on the game.

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