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VG247 cleans up at the GMAs

Eurogamer takes home a trophy too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer won big at last night's Games Media Awards, with bossman Patrick Garratt picking up three trophies.

The games media legend received the Games Media Legend award and also Best Specialist Writer, Online. VG247, which was set up in partnership with Eurogamer Network last year, took the Best Blog trophy.

While we're attempting to ride on the wings of Pat's glory, we might as well tell you that Eurogamer won Best Website for the third year in a row. We've been drinking champagne out of sombreros for 14 hours.

Edge took the award for Best Magazine and Best Broadcast went to Friends of Eurogamer One Life Left. Mike Channell from Official Xbox got the Rising Star trophy, and regular Eurogamer and PC Zone contributor Jon Blyth was declared Best Writer, Print.

The Guardian won in the National Newspaper category and Shortlist took the Mainstream Magazine prize. Regional Games Column of the year went to Games Addict and Dan Slingsby.

Eurogamer salutes Pat Garratt, who deserves all the awards he won 10 times over and also probably a crown and a giant cardboard cheque for a million pounds. Read our blog for more on why.

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