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Quantic Dream and Valve live text on Sat

Expo sessions on the website tomorrow.

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Can't make it down to the Eurogamer Expo tomorrow? Well, obviously we'll miss you, but it doesn't mean you should miss out on Quantic Dream talking Heavy Rain and Valve showcasing Left 4 Dead 2.

That's because Eurogamer's intrepid, publicity-shy deputy editor Ellie Gibson will be live from the Developer Sessions tomorrow bringing you news of whatever transpires.

Quantic Dream's David Cage is first at midday. He will be showing off Heavy Rain in his own inimitable style, and outlining his ambition for this most ambitious of PS3 adventure games, due out in early 2010.

Then at 3.30pm Valve's similarly inimitable Chet Faliszek will be talking to everyone about Left 4 Dead 2, the studio's stonking FPS sequel, which is due out for PC and Xbox 360 on 20th November.

Both games are also playable on the show floor.

While we've got your attention, by the way, a bit of house-keeping for those of you who are coming - there are some tube closures to take note of in London tomorrow, so you might want to check the TFL website to see whether this affects you before you travel.

Hopefully we'll see you at the Expo, but if not, hopefully we'll see you on the website. See you!

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