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Star Trek Online beams down to Expo

Space and planet gameplay on offer.

Hey there. How are you feeling? Smug, fulfilled, expectant? Or listless and utterly hollow with despair? We warned you that Eurogamer Expo tickets would sell out, and they almost have. No amount of pleading emails will change it, tickets are gone for three of the four dates, with only Wednesday the 28th of October in Leeds available. We are very nearly full.

Still, that won't stop us rewarding the faithful. To that end we thought we'd roll out news that Cryptic's potentially massive new MMO, Star Trek Online, will be playable at the Expo.

Lucky attendees will be able to install themselves on one of eight gaming PCs running Gene Roddenberry's universe, potentially pretending that they're sat on a cosy captain's chair instead of a flimsy stool. A multi-faceted demo will be online, allowing players to experience both the ship-to-ship and planet-based combat sections of the game.

Firstly there'll be the chance to take on a fleet of Klingons in space - clocking Warbirds with photon torpedoes like so many mechanical green space fish in a vacuum barrel.

Once the fleet is destroyed, players will beam down, presumably in the company of a few disposable ensigns, to eradicate the Klingon threat planetside in order to reach the mysterious and all-knowing 'Guardian of Forever'. Who wouldn't want to meet the Guardian of Forever?

Producer Craig Zinkievich clearly got his ticket before numbers were maxed out, because he was cheerful enough to get us a helpful quote: "When we were out at gamescom back in August, the reception and excitement about Star Trek Online was astounding. Cryptic is really excited to finally allow users to try out the game themselves at the Eurogamer Expo next week."

Potential buyers for the 28th shouldn't forget the other 45 games on show, from 16 different publishers, as well as the 14 playable indie titles. There's also the PSP Go cafe, where you'll be able to go hands-on with a number of PSP Go titles whilst you grab some vittles and a quick break. Oh, and don't forget the Bafta sessions, the developer talks, the career fair and the social events. Once you're done, swing by the stand of our major sponsors, HMV, to pick up the latest titles to enjoy when you get home. Everything's covered, should be fantastic.

See you there, hopefully.

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