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DUST 514 to use micro-transations

No subscription for EVE's sister FPS.

CCP has revealed that DUST 514 - the strategic FPS for consoles that will link with the sci-fi MMO EVE Online - will not require a subscription to play, but will charge real money for in-game items at a "virtual items marketplace".

The news came as CCP showed the game to the public for the first time at its Fanfest convention in Reykjavik, Iceland today. Press were granted an early viewing yesterday - read our full DUST 514 preview to find out everything there is to know about the game.

DUST 514 is a large-scale multiplayer FPS in the style of the Battelfield games, with battlefield objectives, elements of real-time strategy, and a command hierarchy among players. It will allow at least 64 players per battle, although CCP has yet to decide on a cap.

DUST players act as mercenaries in the pay of EVE Online's space pilots, fighting for control of planets - although they'll also be able to fight for NPCs in a faction warfare system. They'll be able to communicate with EVE players in-game or via the New Eden social network, and join the same Corporations and Alliances.

Advancement will be through the accumulation of wealth, and an "achievement matrix" that unlocks new customisable weapons and vehicles. There will be no character classes, players' abilities being defined by their equipment. Plenty more info in the preview.