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Free Realms adds football mini-game

3-a-side MMO soccer, free for 5 levels.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play, all-ages MMO Free Realms has expanded to include the Soccer Star job and a three-a-side football mini-game with the new Goal Time update.

There are three pitches, 20 associated quests and 15 scenarios you can play against AI teams, or if you prefer, full multiplayer support. As you'd expect, it's a light arcade/RPG take on the sport with skills, equipment, accessories and shards that improve your abilities, along with on-pitch power-ups.

The tutorial and first five levels of the job are available for free to all players, but after that, it's reserved for subscribing Members up to the standard level cap of 20. There's a promo video up on Eurogamer TV.

Free Realms is a surprisingly addictive and polished MMO aimed at kids that launches straight from a browser, with jobs including ninja, race driver and cook. You'll find a review and more at the Free Realms gamepage.

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