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Free Realms claims 10m accounts

SOE's free MMO celebrates anniversary.

Sony Online Entertainment has announced that its free-to-play kids' MMO, Free Realms, has surpassed 10 million registered players.

The milestone comes as the game gears up to celebrate one year in operation - it was launched on 28th April 2009.

"Reaching 10 million registered players on the eve of Free Realms' first birthday is an incredibly exciting event for SOE and our passionate online community," said SOE president John Smedley.

"Millions of gamers have confirmed that the genre we pioneered over 11 years ago with the original EverQuest continues to evolve and expand to include new styles of gameplay that reach a wider audience than ever before."

From mid-April, in-game live events and content additions, including combat mini-games and quests, will appear to mark Free Realms' first birthday.