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Free Realms Mac soon, PS3 "still coming"

World still holding breath for console MMO.

Sony Online Entertainment has told Kotaku that it's working on a Mac port of its popular kids' MMO Free Realms, and that the long-promised PS3 version of the game is "still definitely coming".

The Mac version is coming this autumn and is being handled by the port specialists at TransGaming, who also created Mac versions of City of Heroes and EVE Online.

Free Realms launched on PC in April 2009, with the PS3 version slated to follow in the summer – but over a year later, there's still no sign of the console release.

"Free Realms is still definitely coming to PS3," said a SOE rep. "We haven't announced a release date, but Free Realms for PS3 will be coming soon. The development team has been working to optimize play experience on both the Mac and PS3 versions."

SOE has two other MMOs slated for PS3, but it recently delayed DC Universe Online until next year, while The Agency has simply vanished off the radar following the departure of several team leads last summer.

Square Enix recently delayed the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV Online until March 2011, citing memory issues. Its predecessor Final Fantasy XI is still the only massively multiplayer game to fight its way onto consoles, unless you count the Phantasy Star games.

Other MMOs that have been announced for consoles, but failed to appear, include APB, Age of Conan, Champions Online and Star Trek Online.

It will never happen, will it?

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