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New Wii Shop and DSi titles revealed

Star Wars! Puzzles! Vikings! Rubber ducks!

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Nintendo has announced this week's new additions to the Wii Shop Channel and the DSi Shop.

Retroheads can revisit SNES title Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, which comes in at 800 Wii Points (£6 / €8). You can control five characters, including Wicket and Leia, and face off against the likes of Jabba the Hutt, Darth Vader and Bib Fortuna. Hands up who cried in the cinema when the Rancor died.

The first of this week's WiiWare titles is Little Tournament Over Yonder, also priced at 800 Points. You play as a young Prince or Princess in charge of a fighting team. Expect lots of real-time battles, unit management and strategic planning. Along with the single-player tournament there's a versus option for two players.

Or you might like Heron: Steam Machine, another WiiWare offering set in a rubber duck factory. You have to connect the pipes belonging to the steam engine which makes them, relieving pressure and ensuring nothing blows up. Up to four people can take part in multiplayer games. Heron: Steam Machine costs 500 Wii Points (£3.50 / €5).

As does DSiWare title Wakugumi: Monochrome Puzzle, which is brought to you from the makers of Actionloop and Polarium. Your mission is to clear black and white blocks from the screen by swapping them around to make patterns. There are Training, Score Attack and Time Attack modes to enjoy.

For 800 Points you could pick up Viking Invasion, another DSiWare offering. You must construct fortifications to stop the Vikings pillaging, robbing and the other thing. The more you fight the more of them will turn up, but the more powerful your defences will get. Hands up who's even old enough to have gone to the cinema to see Return of the Jedi.

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