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Rockstar sponsors Movember charity

Get your 'tache in Red Dead Redemption.

Rockstar Games has become a major sponsor of the charity drive known as Movember.

This gives us blokes a green light to grow a moustache throughout the month of November, collecting sponsorship donations from friends and family for our plight (read: secret handlebar desires).

Better still, Rockstar has promised to immortalise the owner of the best moustache with a cameo part in Wild West game Red Dead Redemption, due for release next year. Simply take a picture of your lip rug and email it to Rockstar to take part. Note: you must register with Rockstar and Movember before submitting your picture at the end of November.

Movember raises money and awareness for prostate cancer, among other men's health-related issues.

Keep up with all the Movember action on the official website. We'll be taking part, and may even make a special Eurogamer gallery for you to decide who has done best. Hint: me.

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