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US to get 250GB PS3 Slim

Comes in at just under 350 "bucks".

Sony has unveiled a new PS3 Slim model with a 250GB hard drive.

As announced on the US PlayStation blog, the console will hit American shop shelves on 3rd November. It will be priced at $349.99, equivalent to around £215 / €234. There's no word on whether the machine will also be released in Europe.

UPDATE: Sorry, sorry. There is of course word, and the word is it's been out here since 1st October. And an Uncharted 2 bundle is launching this very day. We apologise for the error HEADS WILL ROLL etc.

According to Sony, one million PS3 Slim units have been sold since the 120GB version launched on 1st September. PlayStation Network users have so far downloaded more than 600 million pieces of content, fact fans.