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Dragon Age spun off into Flash game

EA 2D developing DA Journeys for browsers.

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BioWare wasn't kidding when it said it had big plans for its new Dragon Age franchise. Hot on the heels of this week's revelation that it has two years of DLC planned comes the announcement of Dragon Age Journeys, a Flash game for browsers developed by EA 2D.

EA 2D has "some big plans for Journeys," said producer Ethan Levy in the blog post, and these begin with a three-chapter, single-player tactical RPG. The first chapter, called The Deep Roads, explores the dwarven city of Orzammar and the surrounding areas.

It's already been in development for a year, and EA has recruited some top Flash indie talent to work on it, including the creator of the Monster's Den RPGs. "At EA 2D it is our mission to create blockbusters for the browser; some will be original games created by our teams and some will be games within other EA franchises, such as Dragon Age Journeys," said Levy.

The main event, of course, remains the launch of Journeys' big brother, Dragon Age: Origins, on PC and 360 on 6th November and later that month on PS3. Check the Dragon Age gamepage for all the facts and watch out for more on the game very soon.

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