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Incredible Machine cranks back to life

Tunnell regains rights, pubs on GOG.com.

Jeff Tunnell has recaptured the rights to his celebrated creation The Incredible Machine, and repackaged and released the series on Good Old Games.

Sierra, also known as Vivendi, had owned the rights, but chucked them into a 'forgotten about' pile after merging with Activision and becoming the biggest publisher in the world.

The Incredible Machine, a physics-based puzzler, challenges players to solve problems by building wacky machines, a bit like those at the beginning of a Wallace and Gromit film.

GOG.com's The Incredible Machine Mega Pack costs $9.99 and contains nearly every instalment: The Even More Incredible Machine (includes The Incredible Machine with new puzzles), The Incredible Machine 3 (Windows compatibly The Incredible Machine 2 with new interface and enhanced graphics), Return of the Incredible Machine Contraptions and The Incredible Machine - Even More Contraptions.

Gamasutra points out that The Incredible Machine isn't the only old Dynamix game being reclaimed; Red Baron, apparently, has been snapped up by Mad Otter, which is run by Tunnell's old partner Damon Slye. Yes please.