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Gory WiiWare game Last Flight outed

Action horror inspired by Golden Axe.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Polish developer Bloober Team has unveiled gory WiiWare horror game Last Flight, which will be out later this year at an "affordable and competitive" price, the developer told us.

Last Flight, an action adventure, takes a hefty dose of inspiration from games like Golden Axe, a scrolling and hack-and-slash with simple controls.

The story follows fat food critic Larry who finds himself in the unenviable position of stopping a vampire invasion, using cleavers and what-not to chop the baddies into bite-sized chunks. You do this by waving the Wiimote and nunchuk around.

Last Flight is aimed at core gamers - an audience Bloober admits is found more easily on PS3 and 360, but one the developer feels is lurking on Wii, ready for a game that suits.

Last Flight will be released in four episodes. Each, we're told, will rival a boxed game for "look and feel".

We've popped a bunch of screenshots in our Last Flight gallery for you to look at.

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