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Try out CrimeCraft free of charge

MMO to get extensive update too.

Vogster Entertainment has announced that you'll now be able to try out MMO CrimeCraft for free - and for an unlimited time.

The trial will give you access to the "major features of the game", according to Vogster exec Mario Kroll. For the full CrimeCraft experience you'll need to cough up $9.99 per month for the Premium subscription.

Or there's the new Standard sub, priced at $4.99 per month. The difference is the Premium deal lets you gain experience quicker and keep more stuff in your inventory.

Vogster also announced plans to release a major content update at the end of the month. This will add features such as an in-game newspaper, billboards showing top ranking players, new PvE mode Kill the Boss and player loot drops.

For those who aren't familiar, CrimeCraft is billed as a persistent world next-gen shooter - or PWNS for short. To find out more, visit

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