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XBL Indie's Clover attracts publisher

Blitz funding enhanced PC version.

Clover has become one of the first Xbox Live Indie Games to be spotted and signed by a proper publisher.

Blitz Games Studios took the plunge, and aims to release a beefed-up version - Clover: A Curious Tale - for the PC audience at some point in the future.

This will offer new puzzles, sub-quests, multiple endings and epilogue. Technically animations will be polished, as will graphics, user interface and effects.

The piano soundtrack will be overhauled and expanded, controls sorted, and all the English voice acting translated for different European regions.

Clover, awarded 8/10 on Eurogamer, is a puzzle-solving platform game presented beautifully with hand-drawn visuals, considered script and tinkly piano score.

Yet despite considerable pre-release attention, creator Daniel Jones was one of the most outspoken critics of Xbox Live Community Games (as it was then called). He said Microsoft's marketing of titles on the service was "woeful" and reckoned the market too small to make a "financially viable" game on it. Its only use, he said, was to produce proofs-of-concept for publishers.

Jones now refers to XBLIG as "a true breeding ground for titles with potential".