MS: XBLC games "poised to break out"

Into "proper money making territory".

Microsoft's Charlie Skilbeck believes Xbox Live Community Games are "poised to break out" and that we're turning the corner toward developers making real money on the channel.

MS marketing for XBLC games "woeful"

Clover/Tank Strike devs scream change.

Clover creator Daniel Jones and Tank Strike maker Daniel Steger reckon Microsoft has not done enough to nourish independent talent on the Xbox Live Community Games channel, and call promotion of the platform "woeful".

XBLC games not "financially viable"

"Market is too small," says Clover dev.

Clover developer Binary Tweed believes the Xbox Live Community Games market is too small to be "financially viable", and that the service's only use is as an "arena for proving concepts".

XNA Community Games Roundup

XNA Community Games Roundup

Clover, Jonny Crush, Tank Strike, Karnn Age.

The XNA tree is over a year old now, and has already borne the fruit of Weapon of Choice, Biology Battle and Easy Golf. But what other succulent delights are hidden amongst its lush foliage? Armed with my special community hat and a strong intention of inverting media distribution pyramids, I peeked under its ever-spreading branches.

Content is coming thick and fast now, with regular weekly updates, and the catalogue has burgeoned considerably. What you see here is merely what jumped out at me and proved to be enjoyable, and each game offers either a time- or feature-limited demo, so there's no excuse not to get your hands dirty and try a few for yourselves.


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"Political platform puzzler" for XBLA

Clover to feature watercolour-style visuals.

UK developer Binary Tweed is working on a new game for XBLA that will feature platform gameplay, puzzles to solve and political themes.