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XNA Community Games Roundup

Clover, Jonny Crush, Tank Strike, Karnn Age.

The XNA tree is over a year old now, and has already borne the fruit of Weapon of Choice, Biology Battle and Easy Golf. But what other succulent delights are hidden amongst its lush foliage? Armed with my special community hat and a strong intention of inverting media distribution pyramids, I peeked under its ever-spreading branches.

Content is coming thick and fast now, with regular weekly updates, and the catalogue has burgeoned considerably. What you see here is merely what jumped out at me and proved to be enjoyable, and each game offers either a time- or feature-limited demo, so there's no excuse not to get your hands dirty and try a few for yourselves.


  • Developer: Binary Tweed
  • Price: 400 Microsoft Points

The lovely, watercolour stylings of Clover have made it the most easily recognised of this batch of titles, and its promotion has been the most noticeable. In many ways it's also the most professionally produced of the games on offer here - beautifully drawn, with a soothing, piano-based soundtrack and a well-written script. Essentially it's homage to the Dizzy games of yore, a fact heavily referenced in both script and mechanics. For those of you who were mere eggs themselves when the yolky adventurer was king, gameplay revolves around the collection of objects and the solving of various genial puzzles, all in a platform-based format.

Player-character Sam is a resident of a kingdom which has recently come under attack by dastardly pirates, leading to the enactment of some troublingly draconian security measures. As he explores the world, Sam becomes party to increasingly complex political and religious intrigue, discovered via the medium of drunken farmers, myopic arms-dealers and sleeping cats. The political message is clumsily implemented, and somewhat at odds with the gentle, convivial nature of the gameplay, but it does get its point across.

It looks much prettier in motion.

I didn't discover any ways to die in Clover - the worst punishment I received for touching an 'enemy' was to drop the items in my inventory - mildly annoying at worst. Other than this the only thing to watch out for is your 'crime' level, an increasingly audible heartbeat and de-saturation of the world, which indicates a violation of one the intentionally invasive security measures put in place by the king. Letting this reach a certain level - sometimes instant, sometimes after a few seconds of intransigence - means Sam will be 'arrested' and taken to the castle jail, although he's instantly released with no penalty.

The major flaw with Clover is really an over-faithfulness to its roots. Initially having only one inventory slot means that a great deal of back and forth is necessary to progress, especially when active puzzles can be at opposite ends of the map. Traipsing from end to end isn't a mammoth undertaking, but realising that you've left a necessary item two minutes away is a tut-worthy experience. There are also a couple of traditionally non-linear puzzles, which prompts a bit of trial-and-error gameplay, although nothing holds you back for more than a few minutes. A switchable 'hint' system shows highlights interactive objects if you get really stuck.

Once your inventory expands fairly early on, and you learn to keep a rough note of where items have been dropped, Clover becomes an extremely relaxing and enjoyable experience. Just don't expect it to offer too serious a challenge or a pulsating political manifesto.


Jonny Crush

  • Developer: Oesis, Inc.
  • Price: 800 Microsoft Points (GBP 6.80 / EUR 9.60)
Giant wasps and an M16. What more could you ask for?

A full 3D shooter, Jonny Crush is the ugly third cousin of Serious Sam and EDF. Playing as itinerant exterminator Jonny, players are tasked with clearing swarms of up to 1000 bugs from a number of identical city levels, using a number of enjoyably over-powered weapons. Enemies, which are basic but cleanly modelled, crawl en-masse over buildings and streets alike as they converge on Jonny's position, where munitions connect with satisfying impact as the bugs subsume to lumps of green goo.

It's the gaming equivalent of watching Rocky with a six-pack of Stella, although without any of the emotions or montages. Brutal and fun with all the refinement of a kick to the sex eggs. At its best, Jonny Crash is entertaining enough to overcome the annoyances of its occasional slowdown, awful voice acting and disappointing lack of aim-sensitivity adjustment. For most people, however, 800 Points is probably too much for a game that can be polished off in less than two hours, despite some really pointy difficulty spikes.

Having said that, taking on a cloud of butterflies with dual-wielded shotguns is worth thinking about, and the nature of the unlocking system and selectable levels makes for good replay value. A mindless blaster with its heart on its sleeve, Jonny Crush offers more than a screenshot might lead you to expect.


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