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Bayonetta demo for PSN Japan next week

SEGA quiet about the Euro version.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

SEGA has told Eurogamer not to expect a Western Bayonetta demo until we get closer to our Q1 2010 release.

PS3 owners, however, may look to Japan next week, when a Bayonetta sampler will be added to the PlayStation Store. Popping a fake beard and glasses on shouldn't be too difficult.

Bayonetta, made by PlatinumGames, stars a curvy woman with outrageous magical powers and a torturous wardrobe, which includes guns strapped to ankles and so on. It looks bonkers, but considering the studio's heritage - MadWorld as PlatinumGames, and God Hand, Okami as Clover Studio - that shouldn't be surprising.

The only marginal cause for concern comes from the PS3 build of the game, which SEGA and not PlatinumGames will build, porting from Xbox 360 code. But as PlatinumGames pointed out, the proof will be in the playing.

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