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Nintendo planning new DS this year?

Four-inch screens, says Nikkei.

Nintendo is planning to launch a new DS with even bigger screens, according to a Japanese news outlet.

The Nikkei news service (thanks GameSpot) has reportedly claimed that a model with four-inch screens could launch in Japan this year for 18,900 yen (£125 / €138).

NeoGAF has uncovered a scan for those of us without a login for the subs-only Nikkei.

The launch of a new handheld wouldn't be the strangest move in the world, as the DSi launched in Japan at the start of November 2008, but having only released the revised model in the West in April, the response around these parts might be a little muted.

Nintendo UK has yet to get back to us on the Nikkei report, but we're expecting the usual line about rumour and speculation.