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Team17 reveals Alien Breed structure

Each episode to last five to eight hours.

Team17's John Dennis has revealed what we can expect from the new Alien Breed game for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Speaking at the Eurogamer Expo in Leeds yesterday, Dennis confirmed that Alien Breed Evolution will be released in the form of three episodes. "In each episode there's a prologue level, then there are five single-player levels and they're really large... Much larger than they should have been," he said.

"There are also two set pieces in each episode. For example there's one where the ship goes through an asteroid field, there's debris coming up through the floor and the air's running out... There are also two boss battles in each episode, then on top of that there are three multiplayer levels."

According to Dennis, each episode will take "five to eight hours" to complete. You'll be able to try out each one by downloading the prologue for free. There's no word yet on when the first episode will be released or how much it will cost. You can check out all the gubbins we've got on it via the gamepage, though.

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