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13 PSP Minis available today

Pricing and line-up inside.

Sony has announced that 13 PSP "Minis" are to be made available on the PlayStation Store today for PSP owners to download.

Minis cost between £2.49 and £3.99 for the initial run of games, with each weighing in at less than 100MB and compatible with any PSP, including the new PSPgo, which launched today worldwide.

Those 13 launch titles are:

  • Alien Havoc (Creat Studio) - Play as an alien gathering cows into your spaceship, as angry farmers try to prevent you doing so.
  • Bloons (Hands-On Mobile) - Pop balloons to solve puzzles.
  • Brainpipe (Hands-On Mobile) - "The ultimate objective is to transcend humanity" by navigating funkadelic tunnels in your head.
  • Breakquest (Beatshapers) - Some sort of musical shmup with 100 levels and music from Maniacs of Noise.
  • Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) - PSP port of one of the best tower defence games ever, originally seen on iPhone/iPod Touch.
  • Fortix (Nemesys Team Studio) - Sounds like tower defence where you control a knight, but it also sounds like he gets in there. Description's a bit unclear but you can collect catapults, which sounds good to us.
  • Funky Punch (Solus Games) - 3D fighter with 12 characters and five game modes.
  • Hero of Sparta (Gameloft) - Uninspiring-looking hackandslash where you play King Argos delivering unrivalled value/death to the people of the Underworld.
  • Kahoots (Honeyslug Limited) - Platform puzzle game with 50 levels where you drag blocks to create a safe path for your Kahoot.
  • Pinball Fantasies (Cowboy Rodeo) - PSP port of the 1992 Amiga pinball game.
  • Puzzle Scape Mini (Farmind) - Exploding block puzzler.
  • Tetris (EA) - Falling block puzzler. Some history.
  • Vempire (Impressionware) - Strategy puzzler that looks a bit like a Sesame Street take on Puzzle Quest.

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