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Is Rockstar teasing the next GTA?

Well, it's teasing something.

Rockstar may well be teasing the next Grand Theft Auto game or DLC in the packaging for Episodes From Liberty City.

At least, that's the impression you might get if you poured over page 13 of the game's instruction booklet, scanned in by a GTAForums.com user (thanks vg247).

Done up as an advert, it shows the Liberty City skyline crowning a broken heart montage of images from GTAIV boxes, bearing the legend, "Liberty City, It's Over!"

Then it says, "Next stop", but the area of the advert that should highlight the location is torn away, revealing a few splashes of colour, which forumites are busy trying to interpret at the moment.

Right at the bottom of the advert, which looks like a flyer for something at the "Theater Seagull" - a familiar logo in Liberty City, as noted by someone else on GTAForums.com - it says "Opens March Everywhere".

More GTAIV DLC in March? GTAV information in March? Something to do with GTA in March? We'll probably find out closer to March, we're guessing.

In the meantime, why not play The Ballad of Gay Tony? It's excellent, out today, and also forms one half of the Episodes From Liberty City bundle, a compilation of Gay Tony and the previous DLC episode, The Lost and Damned, which doesn't require GTAIV to play.

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