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Germans invited to dump violent games

In bins outside opera house this weekend.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Germany's movement against violent videogames has lunged forward again, as families affected by the Winnenden school shooting urge people living near Stuttgart to dump their "games that simulate the killing of humans" - "Killerspiele".

The Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden will place a container outside the Stuttgart state opera this Saturday in the hope people will heed its call, Eurogamer Germany reports.

Those who dump their "Killerspiele" will be given a lottery ticket, and whoever wins will be given a replica shirt of the German national football team that is signed by the players. The fate of the discarded games, however, is unknown.

"Nothing will change if we don't do something," reads the Aktionsbündnis Amoklauf Winnenden slogan.

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