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DSi-only Ghostwire announced

Find ghosts in real world with camera.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Majesco has announced that it's picked up Ghostwire: Link to the Paranormal for DSi, which is only the second DSi-exclusive cartridge game that we're aware of.

It's all about using the DSi's camera - and the "ghost tuner" Nintendo somehow forgot to put on the hardware spec list - to find spirits, shadows and demons in your own environment. Time of day and light levels will influence your hunt, as well as the personalities of the ghosts.

"Once you find the spirits, you document them and find out why they haunt our world. They can also give you riddles to solve. Ultimately you can help them to find peace," says the website of Swedish developer A Different Game.

There's more info and a trailer at the official Ghostwire blog. Majesco - whom we salute for last year's amazing Air Traffic Chaos - will release Ghostwire on DSi in late 2010.

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