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November 2010 Archive

    1. Free Monday Night Combat DLC arrives
    2. Inception game tie-in confirmed
    3. Killzone 3 Collector's Edition detailed
    4. Game Dev Story 2 gets green light
    5. Gran Turismo Evolution
    6. Black creator surfaces at City Interactive
    7. EA boss sees a future for music genre
    8. NFS Shift 2: We won't add 1000 irrelevant cars
    9. Shift 2 dev slams Gran Turismo, Forza
    10. Deus Ex: HR special edition detailed
    11. New DLC announced for The Fight
    12. Kinect Brain Training Euro release date
    13. Shift 2: Unleashed
    14. Bad Company 2 Vietnam release date
    15. DJ Hero 2 DLC announced
    16. Sony: Over 4.1 million Moves sold
    17. Rumour: Microsoft remaking Halo 1
    18. 16 Witcher 2 endings claim clarified
    19. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
    20. SBK 2011 announced
    21. PC, 360 Bad Company 2 will lag today
    22. NSMB Wii does the business in Japan
    23. Pirates of the Burning Sea free-to-play
    24. Will EA buy Rock Band dev Harmonix?
    25. New APB: customising will cost you
    26. WiiWare game Cave Story gets UK date
    27. 10 MVC3 fighters left to reveal
    28. 3DS "way cooler" than Kinect or Move
    29. More Kinectimals plush toys inbound
    30. Dead Rising 2: Case West out next month
    31. Yakuza dev announces Binary Domain
    32. Jason Isaacs voicing El Shaddai's Lucifel
    33. Gears reveal "not what you're expecting"
    34. XBLA Case Zero sales are 600,000
    35. PS Move getting two core games from THQ
    36. Sonic 4's physics deliberately different
    37. Uncharted 3 set in the desert – report
    1. Epic confirms Infinity Blade date
    2. Kinect sells 2.5 million in 25 days
    3. Bit.Trip Flux announced
    4. Kawashima confirms new Brain Training
    5. Rushdie: Nintendo can help liberate Iran
    6. Microsoft developing console TV service?
    7. Staff laid-off at Ubisoft Reflections
    8. Analyst: Move/Kinect shortages are fiction
    9. EA: Mirror's Edge "fell short"
    10. Nintendo sees huge holiday sales bump
    11. OneBigGame: From Live Aid to Chime
    12. Ubisoft scores kids' BAFTAs double
    13. Mobile Games Roundup
    14. Boom! The Eurogamer Quiz!
    15. Artists of Convenience
    16. SSFIV Achievements show Yun & Yang
    17. TRON: Evolution
    18. SEGA wipes Sonic 4 leaderboards
    19. Sakaguchi posts old FFIX dev memos
    20. Bungie toyed with Reach space combat MP
    21. Duke 3D revamp to get multiplayer beta
    22. Gran Turismo 5 tops UK chart
    23. EVE Incursion patch notes are up
    24. Mass Effect 2 PS3 "as good, if not better"
    25. Fable III: Understone Quest Pack
    1. The Story of X-Com
    1. Gran Turismo 5 Tech Analysis
    2. Sony: Why we turned down Kinect
    3. Move is precise enough – Sony
    4. Lonely at the Top
    1. Minecraft dev explains sales transparency
    2. Level-5 shows Ni no Kuni hardback
    3. Swords & Soldiers dated for PC
    4. New Dragon Age 2 character unveiled
    5. Game of the Week
    6. New DLC for Castlevania: HOD
    7. Final Fantasy XIV update goes live
    8. GTA, 'Splosion Man XBL price cuts
    9. Gran Turismo 5 online
    10. BioWare: "Too many games today"
    11. Watch a NFS trailer, get free cars
    12. Ubisoft halves iPhone prices
    13. GAME offers extra 20% console trade-in
    14. Carmack: Boxed games will "go away"
    15. The Sly Trilogy
    16. Why did SEGA change Total War's name?
    17. DRM treats gamers like "criminals"
    18. "Another big" Creed game in 2011 - Ubi
    19. "PC easily a generation ahead" - Crytek
    20. Ashley Cole addicted to Black Ops
    21. Introducing: Eurogamer Asks
    22. Download Games Roundup
    23. Kinect sold how many in Japan?
    24. Yun and Yang show off alt costumes
    25. BioWare's mystery game and… The Clash?
    26. Is Murder Your Maker Prototype 2?
    27. VGA teaser points to Resi Evil reveal
    28. NBA Jam
    29. Test Drive Unlimited 2 Euro date
    1. Will The Witcher 2 come to console?
    2. Kinect "can't do a good lightsaber game"
    3. Crytek unveils new FPS Warface
    4. Xbox Live Gold free this weekend
    5. Who Pigsy PSN Store content?
    6. GT5 update confirmed for Saturday
    7. Kazunori Yamauchi
    8. Two thirds off Trials HD price tomorrow
    9. PS Phone to launch in Feb 2011 – report
    10. EA Sports Active 2
    11. Steam selling games at poultry prices
    12. Blizzard: "Give the gift of Warcraft"
    13. The Witcher 2: We're not afraid of Dragon Age
    14. FF Agito XIII details sneak out
    15. Sony limits GT5 to ease online gridlock
    16. NFS:HP PC patch set for early next week
    17. Fallout: New Vegas DLC raises level cap
    18. Who will be Sony's next president?
    19. Why Double Fine doesn't do PC
    20. Disney Epic Mickey
    1. Actor blames gamers for rubbish movies
    2. New titles for XBL Game Room
    3. More DLC for Rock Band 3
    4. Angry Birds Christmas flying in?
    5. Black Ops hits top spot in Japan
    6. Sony expects Christmas Move drought
    7. Kaz not sure if GT6 will be on PS3
    8. PSP firmware update incoming
    9. Just Dance 2 DLC announced
    10. Users demand PS3 Black Ops refund
    11. Free Assassin's Creed DLC before Xmas
    12. Wahlberg takes lead in Uncharted movie
    13. PS3 can sell "maybe more" than PS2
    14. Free PS3/GT5 with Bravia 3D tellies
    15. Def Jam Rapstar
    16. Disney discouraging used Tron sales
    17. Front Mission gets wave MP mode
    18. HD Remix dev's fighting card game outed
    19. GT5 classical soundtrack dated
    20. Stargate Resistance ends in January
    21. SSX poised for December reveal?
    22. Lara Croft gets online PC co-op
    23. MVC3: Capcom defends DLC chars
    24. Gran Turismo 5: Installation Analysis
    25. Acti: Online part of the COD "package"
    26. Making Tracks in Gran Turismo 5
    27. Gran Turismo 5
    28. Axl Rose sues Activision
    1. Joe Danger DLC rides in
    2. DeathSpank sequel heading to PC
    3. Report: XBLA revenues continue to soar
    4. THQ calls for "peaceful" end to Korea crisis
    5. Microsoft launches seasonal XBL sale
    6. Double Fine announces Stacking
    7. Kinect off to "rough start" in Japan
    8. Inazuma Eleven heading to Europe
    9. Multiplayer BF:BC2 update incoming
    10. Lionhead details Fable III patch
    11. Flickr man's Glitch to beat FarmVille?
    12. Castlevania: LOS ships a million
    13. GT5: GAME/Gamestation open tonight
    14. Podcast #46
    15. Will Kinect/Move boost 360/PS3 sales?
    16. What's on the Wii/DSi shop?
    17. Xbox 360 launch a "watershed moment"
    18. Free DJ Hero/Guitar Hero songs for US
    19. Games for Windows Phone 7
    20. Sony's new Move game draws to music
    21. Over 50 3D PS3 games coming – Sony
    22. Tech Analysis: RAGE HD
    23. (I COD get no) Satisfaction
    24. Sony: The world still loves Gran Turismo
    25. GT5: Day one update unlocks online
    26. PopCap games half-price this week
    27. Rumour: Elder Scrolls 5 in the works
    28. WOW will be destroyed today
    29. Are apps coming to Xbox 360?
    30. Operation Flashpoint: Red River
    31. Out This Week
    32. Gran Turismo 5: Where's cheapest?
    33. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom
    34. Study: Kids want iPads, not consoles
    1. iPad update adds Game Center
    2. Witcher 2 torrents could net you a fine
    3. World of Goo heading to iPad
    4. Free Super Meat Boy DLC goes live
    5. Microsoft still committed to Halo movie
    6. Atlus' Radiant Historia heading west
    7. New Dance Central DLC detailed
    8. Kinect "hackers" won't be prosecuted
    9. Square Enix's Mindjack dated
    10. Cataclysm UK launch event revealed
    11. Is Xbox 360 holding back Kinect?
    12. PS3 Lara Croft gets online co-op update
    13. Pay for Hot Pursuit car unlocks
    14. RAGE
    15. EA: Why NBA Elite 11 was canned
    16. Microsoft defends Live swastika bans
    17. UK chart: COD blops Creed from top
    18. What's taken Duke Nukem so long?
    19. PS Phone: There's no smoke without fire
    20. Fallout: New Vegas' Dead Money detailed
    21. Microsoft closing Halo Wars website
    22. Infected VGAs tease sets tongues wagging
    23. Uncharted 3 reveal looks set for Dec
    24. MotionSports
    1. Face-Off: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    2. Hot Pursuit cuts pad lag to new lows
    3. Bizarre Situations
    4. Sony Russia confirms Mass Effect 3?
    1. New clue for next BioWare project
    2. Infinity Ward restructuring complete
    3. PS3 BioShock Infinite will not be a port
    4. Demand Five service heading to PS3?
    5. MK creator agreed with gore controversy
    6. John Lennon DLC for Rock Band 3
    7. Poker Night at the Inventory dated
    8. Square Enix dates Tactics Ogre remake
    9. 3DS dev costs triple that of DS
    10. Donkey Kong Country Returns
    11. Good Old Games to sell The Witcher 2
    12. GT5 installs while played - Sony
    13. Beyond Good & Evil PC for two quid
    14. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
    15. Game of the Week
    16. MS gives Kinect tape measure to Japan
    17. Better PES 2011 defenders next week
    18. WarDevil resurrected as Project Kane
    19. Download Games Roundup
    20. LOTRO Isengard expansion unveiled
    21. Kinect will sell 25 million by 2014
    22. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
    23. Black Ops Wii patch in a "week or so"
    24. Awful Shred sales don't tell full story
    25. EA launching Facebook golf game
    26. Cave's Story
    27. Valve announces Portal 2 delay
    28. Bungie wants alpha testers for new IP
    29. id's Carmack wants to make Kinect title
    1. Borderlands GOTY edition is Mac-bound
    2. Call of Duty takes top two XBL spots
    3. Ready at Dawn: PSP "doomed" from day 1
    4. Christmas Costume Quest DLC on the way
    5. LittleBigPlanet 2 demo dated
    6. MS/Sony to join forces within 10 years?
    7. You can join imminent Rift closed beta
    8. The Witcher 2 special editions spelled out
    9. Face-Off: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    10. Red Wii gives Nintendo 300% sales bump
    11. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    12. Deus Ex gameplay detailed
    13. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ahoy!
    14. Swarm heading to PSN/XBLA in 2011
    15. Xbox GOD delivers Alan Wake
    16. Black Ops takes $650m in five days
    17. Kingdom Under Fire II heading to PS3
    18. FlingSmash
    19. Is Kinect the future of boardrooms?
    20. UK PS3 sales unaffected by Xbox surge
    21. Pac-Man CE DX, Alien Breed 3 hit XBL
    22. Help name Hothead's next game
    23. US game scriptwriters get $10-20k
    24. In Theory: Is this how OnLive works?
    25. Make Your Own Guide for DSiWare
    26. SingStar site lets you browse catalogue
    27. Prince of Persia HD Trilogy
    28. PSN scheduled maintenance today
    29. Spend 1600 MSP, get 400 MSP back
    30. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon
    31. Spelunker HD mines PSN date
    1. Castle Crashers dev's next pushed to 2011
    2. Cut the Rope ties up three million sales
    3. Buy now or it's a Kinect-free Christmas
    4. PC Create demo available now
    5. Rage: Mutant Bash TV due tomorrow
    6. Free R.U.S.E DLC incoming
    7. Potential buyers hover over Bizarre
    8. PC Fable III still in the works
    9. Possible PSP2 dev kit images leak
    10. Michael Jackson tracklist moonwalks in
    11. What is BioWare's new game?
    12. POP HD leads PSN Store stampede
    13. Unannounced BioWare game gets a screen
    14. Killzone 3 beta open to all PS Plus subs
    15. 360-exclusive Fallout: NV DLC revealed
    16. 4/5 years until APB realises potential
    17. Buy boxed games from inside PS Home
    18. PlayTV Live Chat Upgrade costs six quid
    19. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale
    20. THQ's FPS Homefront dated
    21. Nintendo hasn't discontinued Wii Speak
    22. Venetica
    23. Tony Hawk Shred sold how many?
    24. Alien Breed 3: Descent due for XBLA
    25. Kingdom Hearts 3D will connect with III
    26. Half a million play MMO World of Tanks
    27. Podcast #45
    28. Witcher 2 Collector's Edition leaked
    29. The 3rd Birthday coming to PSN after all
    30. More layoffs hit TFUII developer
    31. quietly launched
    32. Kill Ewoks in Force Unleashed II DLC
    33. DiRT 3
    34. UK chart: Medal of Honor wins gold
    35. NPD: Big debuts for Fallout, NBA 2K11
    1. Bobby Kotick is listening to you
    2. Gray Matter sneaks out early
    3. GoldenEye is proof of Wii "core" market
    4. Activision closes Guitar Hero dev
    5. Male gamers less likely to take drugs
    6. Bizarre Creations in trouble?
    7. Dev hopes to finish Six Days in Fallujah
    8. Play GT5, become a pro racer
    9. Shift 2 Unleashed announced
    10. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 dated
    11. Kinect doubles UK Xbox sales
    12. STO mission-maker next month
    13. FFXIV free trial extended again
    14. LOTRO: Confront Saruman next year
    15. Crackdown 2 Deluge DLC out now
    16. How Ubisoft Montreal made a masterpiece
    17. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings dated
    18. And Japan's most-played console is…
    19. Super Meat Boy PC dated
    20. Codies versus pre-owned game sales
    21. Rewriting history
    22. Planet Michael: What would MJ say?
    23. Jill Valentine, Shuma Gorath for MVC3
    24. "I want to make Shenmue 3" – Suzuki
    25. APB to relaunch next year as F2P
    26. Pirated SCII downloaded how many times?
    27. Kinect Gears game in the works – report
    1. Kinect sells a million in 10 days
    2. Devs plan Christmas XBLIG assault
    3. Diablo III heading to consoles?
    4. Hecker: I stand by my Wii is s*** rant
    5. Blizzard plans huge office expansion
    6. Microsoft scouting new indie talent
    7. Marvel Pinball incoming for PSN, XBLA
    8. Ubisoft delays Ghost Recon and Driver
    9. New fighters confirmed for MVC3
    10. Assassin's Creed 2011 confirmed
    11. Driver delayed for extra polish
    12. PSN's Dead Nation dated, priced
    13. Alan Wake 2 to be Kinect compatible?
    14. Out This Week
    15. First batch of Fable III DLC dated
    16. Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIV's future
    17. Mobile Games Roundup
    18. How Crytek's making a 90 rated game
    19. Trials HD Big Thrills dated
    20. Sony: PSPgo price cut an error
    21. Black Ops sold how many this week?
    22. UK chart: COD batters competition
    23. MAG dev hits back at doom merchants
    24. Fight Night Champion dated
    25. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage
    26. Kinect doesn't snoop for advertising
    27. Transformers: WFC sequel announced
    28. Mobile Games Roundup
    29. Sly Cooper 4 teased
    1. Tech Comparison: Call of Duty: Black Ops PC
    1. The Men Who Stare At Protoss
    2. Back to Black
    1. Peggle bounces onto PSP next week
    2. de Blob 2 release date confirmed
    3. New Tomb Raider reveal imminent?
    4. Assassin's Creed: Ascendance explained
    5. Design your own S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 quest
    6. No Angry Birds 2 planned
    7. Reeves: Expect Kinect, Move in next-gen
    8. De Niro, Pesci for Uncharted movie?
    9. David Reeves vs. The World
    10. Dr Who's Wii adventure delayed
    11. Late kick-off for PSP's FM2011
    12. Dragon Quest VI release in doubt
    13. Funcom's Bloodline Champions dated
    14. LEGO Star Wars III gets a date
    15. Games That Define Developers
    16. OFFICIAL: Gran Turismo 5 dated
    17. LEGO Universe
    18. Mario Kart Wii bundle announced
    19. The Sly Trilogy gets UK date
    20. Game of the Week
    21. Kinect/Move UFC training game dated
    22. Download Games Roundup
    23. Black Ops obliterates UK sales record
    24. EVE noob edition on 3rd December
    25. Epic Mickey "best-looking Wii game ever"
    26. Team Meat "can't EVER do a PS3 version"
    27. Gold subs spend 3 hours a day on XBL
    28. Saints Row film set for Dec reveal
    29. InstantAction shuts down
    30. Minority Report-style PC Kinect interface
    31. GT5 date announcement imminent
    32. Bungie's Activision universe set for PC
    33. Civilization Facebook "relatively soon"
    34. Call of Duty: Black Ops updates released
    35. Sonic Colours
    36. Kinect parts cost MS around £34
    1. MS to use Kinect to personalise content
    2. Nintendo reveals lifetime US Wii/DS sales
    3. Zen Bound 2 ties up PC release
    4. THQ: Games need to be cheaper
    5. Final Fantasy invades Mario Sports Mix
    6. Harmonix: sale won't affect RB3 support
    7. L.A. Noire out spring 2011
    8. Shogun 2: Total War dated
    9. Today's games use 20-30% of Kinect
    10. Kinect Sports Facebook app launched
    11. Shops slam Steam "monopoly"
    12. Viacom to sell Rock Band developer
    13. Black Ops sets new sales records
    14. Test Drive Unlimited 2
    15. Football Manager All-Star XI
    16. ZeniMax buys MachineGames
    17. PS Home gets LittleBigPlanet paintball
    18. Why FFXIV failed to meet expectations
    19. Sony has Two Worlds pub "hopping mad"
    20. SEGA tries to save real hedgehogs
    21. K2 Networks buys APB
    22. EA announces four downloadable games
    23. EVE noob edition Europe-bound
    24. What is Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves?
    25. The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match
    26. What is Assassin's Creed: Ascendance?
    1. Resi creator nearly joined Nintendo
    2. Cuba attacks "sociopathic" Black Ops
    3. Wii Music 2 in the works?
    4. Stargate Worlds dev loses license
    5. Cryptic Studios props up Atari figures
    6. Face-Off: Call of Duty: Black Ops
    7. Fallout: New Vegas PC patch goes live
    8. Nintendo goes ape over DK slang
    9. Treyarch gets tough on Black Ops cheats
    10. Ubisoft debunks PC AC: Brotherhood date
    11. New Kinect features on the way
    12. Harmonix: Why Pro RB3 DLC costs more
    13. EA hails NFS: Hot Pursuit demo
    14. 3DS Madden NFL announced
    15. Shaun White Skateboarding
    16. Kinect stock coming in "every week"
    17. PS Store discounts Creed II add-ons
    18. Kinect "incredibly liberating for women"
    19. House of the Dead: Overkill 2 rumoured
    20. The Xboss
    21. Octopus: Move will outsell Kinect at Xmas
    22. Free female Avatar Black Ops clothes
    23. Huge FIFA 11 patch detailed, dated
    24. Crytek: Crysis can be as big as COD
    25. The UnderGarden
    26. All new Rock Band DLC only for RB3
    27. Why did Wet dev A2M change its name?
    28. Next MotoGP game in March 2011
    29. Star Wars Kinect due out Christmas 2011
    30. Nintendo tops Japan's 2010 publisher list
    1. Microsoft threatens Gal Gun release
    2. Black Ops hits a million XBL users
    3. Big publishers should make 'indie' games
    4. Boulder Dash makes XBLA comeback
    5. Microsoft explains XBLIG backtrack
    6. Bit.Trip Fate heading to Europe
    7. Eat Them! dished up for PSN
    8. PSP "biggest disappointment" of 2010
    9. Next COD to be set in space?
    10. XBLIG devs hail MS dash switch
    11. Who queues 13 hours for Black Ops?
    12. Podcast #44
    13. No Sacktoy for LBP2 Collector's Ed
    14. Mobile Games Roundup
    15. The Sims 3
    16. Acti urges Black Ops fans to report bugs
    17. EA registers SSX domains
    18. First proper LA Noire video this week
    19. Homefront's getting a sequel - THQ
    20. DICE on MOH's past, present and future
    21. God of War AA coming to PC/360?
    22. OpFlash, GRID 2 and DiRT 3 mapped out
    23. Tecmo Koei boss walks away
    24. XBLIG moved back to Games & Demos
    25. PS Home's secret weapon: lizards
    26. Deadstorm Pirates coming to EU PSN
    27. More charges for Rock Band 3 DLC
    28. 3D visuals coming to iPhone
    29. MS: No, Kinect hasn't been hacked
    30. COD's twin-stick shooter mode revealed
    31. Call of Duty: Black Ops
    32. First blood for Kinect in sales war?
    1. New lead character for Darksiders 2
    2. Black Ops breaks pre-sale records
    3. New Donkey Kong gets cheat feature
    4. Sony shows Heavy Rain off-cuts
    5. Valve: single player games have a future
    6. LOVEFiLM service confirmed for PS3
    7. Gran Turismo 5 trophy list leaks
    8. Enslaved fails to meet sales targets
    9. Out This Week
    10. "Dame Mirren gets £500k for Wii Fit ad"
    11. Fist of the North Star DLC borked
    12. Sony's made a new PS3 headset
    13. Fallout: New Vegas ships five million
    14. Move stealing Wii's family crowd?
    15. Battlestar Galactica Online testing begins
    16. Naughty Bear 2, Wet 2 announced
    17. Vote for Stronghold 3's dead animal ammo
    18. New maps coming to Bad Company 2
    19. Metal Gear Rising for 2012?
    20. No COD on any time soon
    21. Dead Space 2 - Multiplayer
    22. Hacked Kinect running on PC?
    23. Codemasters talks up F1 2011
    24. Eurogamer Expo 2011 dates announced
    25. UK chart: Football Manager 2011 is top
    26. Serkis bigs up Enslaved's Pigsy actor
    27. Where is the price of COD cheapest?
    28. "Comprehensive" patch for New Vegas
    29. Hitman 5 evidence grows
    30. HMV details tonight's Black Ops launch
    31. PS3 Mass Effect 2 gets interactive comic
    32. PS3 "still not enough" for GT - Yamauchi
    33. What makes games frustrating?
    1. Fallout: New Vegas - World in Motion
    1. Waving and Shouting
    2. Tech Analysis: Killzone 3
    1. Bon Jovi DLC storms Rock Band 3
    2. Nintendo sees quirky future for DS
    3. GAME selling Black Ops for £24.99
    4. LMNO footage slips out
    5. PlayStation Home has the builders in
    6. APB could be turned around in 9 months
    7. Ninja Gaiden 3 to reboot series
    8. Get your artwork in official MVC3 book
    9. 3DTV in every home in 8-9 years – Perry
    10. Kinect selling out fast
    11. Joy Ride demo skids onto XBL
    12. Peace Walker "well received by hardcore"
    13. Killzone 3 pad lag measured
    14. Wii Worms soil be here soon
    15. Get Football Manager 2011 for 24 quid
    16. Game of the Week
    17. Download Games Roundup
    18. On the Battlefield
    19. Adrian Bolton exits Codemasters
    20. BioWare Doctors talk EA Louse, Mass Effect 3, SWTOR
    21. UK Kinect launch stock is "tight"
    22. BioWare: "It was sad to read EA Louse"
    23. Battlefield: Play4Free announced
    24. DICE: MOH controversy affected reviews
    25. Dragon Age II
    26. FFXIV: "Full power on regaining trust"
    27. Perry reveals Gaikai on iPad
    1. Sony unveils lost God of War II stage
    2. Live poker coming to Xbox 360?
    3. Hero franchise will return in 2011
    4. Cliffy B: Heavy Rain perfect for girls
    5. First Dance Central DLC limbers up
    6. New Super Meat Boy levels incoming
    7. GT5 out on 30th November?
    8. Sniper: Ghost Warrior has PS3 in sights
    9. Braben: Kinect as accurate as control pad
    10. Kinect Reviewed
    11. We've started Gran Turismo 6 - Yamauchi
    12. GAME plans big welcome for Kinect
    13. YourShape: Fitness Evolved
    14. Designing Diablo III
    15. Fighters Uncaged
    16. HMV opts out of Kinect midnight launch
    17. Did Kinect's Times Square launch go well?
    18. Kinect dash leads anti-piracy charge
    19. Reader Review of the Month
    20. Medal of Honor blocks PSJailbreak
    21. No Darksiders 2 until 2013?
    22. Will Star Trek Online go free-to-play?
    23. What's that - Pong on PS3?
    24. MS: Hybrid control 360 games coming
    25. Milo "was never a product" - Microsoft
    26. BioShock Infinite revolutionises UE3
    27. Kinect Sports
    28. Dance Central
    29. Kinect Adventures
    30. Kinect Joy Ride
    31. Kinectimals
    1. Halo: Reach level cap goes up
    2. Kinect visionary talks tech
    3. FY2011 proving a struggle for THQ
    4. More LostWinds blowing in
    5. AC: Brotherhood gets MGS cameo
    6. Microsoft raises Kinect sales projections
    7. Epic has "sweet" Shadow Complex 2 ideas
    8. Rock Band 3 niggles "solved"
    9. BioWare reveals Dragon Age Legends
    10. God of War remasters head PS Store
    11. James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    12. Kinect's brain works like your brain
    13. Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta
    14. Test Spore maker's Darkspore now
    15. Crytek hopes Haze is remembered fondly
    16. What's next for Crytek UK?
    17. GT5 discs "are being stamped" now
    18. COD: Black Ops gets UK age rating
    19. PS3-exclusive DLC for AC Brotherhood
    20. Squier RB3 guitar dated, priced
    1. EA: Medal of Honor a "clear success"
    2. iPhone Gears of War possible "in 2 years"
    3. NBA Elite 11 cancelled
    4. EA biggest publisher on 360/PS3
    5. Epic unsheaths Infinity Blade
    6. Borderlands level cap shoots up
    7. Microsoft: new 360 dash helps indies
    8. "Not much hope" for GT5 in 2010 - source
    9. New Battlefield game on the way
    10. EA signs five-year Facebook Credits deal
    11. WOW "sucked oxygen" from MMO subs
    12. Blacklight dev: 3D the big thing for FPS
    13. Okamiden gets EU release date
    14. Def Jam Rapstar pre-order bonus outed
    15. Music genre not at "a dead end"
    16. Black Box behind Nov 2011 Need for Speed
    17. EA: MOH didn't meet quality expectations
    18. The future of Need for Speed revealed
    19. In the shadow of Black Ops
    20. Rage on iPhone is "actually possible"
    21. WiiWare demos return to Wii
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