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Def Jam Rapstar pre-order bonus outed

HMV exclusive.

Those who pre-order the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions of Def Jam Rapstar with HMV will get British rapper Bashy's "Kidulthood 2 Adulthood" free as exclusive download.

The track will also be available to buy on the game's 26th November release.

You can also get your grubby mitts on the track by picking up a voucher from HMV when bought in store.

Bashy said: "As technology moves forward, you can become a massive star from MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. The natural progression is Def Jam Rapstar where a real rapstar is discovered from the game – that's really cool."

Def Jam Rapstar works with all third party microphones. The software only version costs £49.99 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 and £39.99 for Wii.

There's a bundle, too, that includes the game and a wired microphone. That'll set you back £54.99 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation®3 and for £49.99 for Wii.

Matt Martin went hands-on, or is that voice-on, for Eurogamer in September.

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Def Jam Rapstar

PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii

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