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Castlevania: LOS ships a million

Revamp scares up "remarkable" sales.

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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has shipped a million copies in the US and Europe, publisher Konami has revealed.

Despite not breaking into the NPD US October top 10, Konami seems more than happy with how the Mercury Steam-developed reboot of its classic platforming series has fared since its release last month.

"Castlevania has truly reinvented itself with its move to next gen platforms and we're extremely pleased at the positive response we've seen toward Castlevania: Lords of Shadow globally, mainly due to the dedicated fans who have supported the series for so long," said Konami president Shinji Hirano.

"The remarkable sales achieved in such a short time are a true testament of the work and dedication that went into this project, and we're very grateful to have partnered with such fine talent in the rebirth of one of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.'s most successful franchises."

Hang on there Shinji. You did say "shipped" rather than "sold", so we're not sure that quite qualifies as "remarkable".

Still, it's encouraging news, especially taking into account producer Dave Cox's comments to Eurogamer last month.

"We didn't intend to create a blockbuster. That wasn't the plan. The plan was to reintroduce Castlevania. We didn't have a multimillion-dollar budget. We didn't have 300 people working on the project.

"We're a pretty small team. Not a huge budget – middle-size budget if you like. Nothing like the kind of titles we're compared to."

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan awarded Mercury Steam's adventure 8/10 back in September. A sequel is apparently already underway.

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