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Get Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD free on PS3

When you pre-order Lords of Shadow 2.

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Pre-order the digital version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 on PlayStation 3 and you'll get a free download of Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate HD.

PS3 players will unlock the freebie when they pre-order Konami's upcoming adventure via the PlayStation Store.

Mirror of Fate HD bridges the gap between the two main Lords of Shadow titles and introduces key characters such as the Toymaker, who will reappear in Lords of Shadow 2.

The offer is available now and will run for two weeks, until Lords of Shadow 2's 28th February launch date.

There's no word of a similar promotion on Xbox 360.

Originally released for 3DS, Mirror of Fate was upgraded for a console release last autumn.

"It's something of a makeweight," Chris Donlan wrote in the game's original 3DS review, "but there's just enough here to satisfy until the true follow-up to Lords of Shadows is ready."

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