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Battlestar Galactica Online testing begins

Browser joined in the middle.

BigPoint is now inviting you, you and you to put Battlestar Galactica Online through its paces.

It's a closed beta to begin with, restricted to a "hand-selected" group of people from Europe and the US. That number will increase, however, as preparations for an open beta in December ramp up.

The beta offers a tutorial mission as either the human or Cylon species. Complete that and the universe proper becomes your playground, as you tackle computer opponents as well as other testees.

No, it's not a word. Yes I'm going to keep calling them that.

BSG Online lets you mine, too - plus there's a chance to nose around the famous Battlestar Galactica itself.

You can sign-up on the BSG Online website.

Television channel Syfy - the network that aired Battlestar Galactica - is involved on the BSG project. Assets from the popular sci-fi show are being shared, and Norwegian developer Artplant has apparently made an MMO that "sets a new standard" for browser-based games. RuneScape won't be happy.

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