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Battlestar Galactica Online beta date

Opening in a matter of days.

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The open beta for Battlestar Galactica Online will have begun by 8th February, developer BigPoint has announced.

"We are planning to release Battlestar Galactica Online to open beta at the latest on February the 8th, 2011," wrote BigPoint team member "Husker" on the official forum.

The open beta will be broken into three servers: one for Europe and two for America, East and West. More servers will be added if "necessary".

English will be the official chat language of the open beta, although European game clients will be available. All Fleet, System and Open chat channels are for English only: go against the rules and you'll be booted out. Chatter within player-created Squads and Wings is unrestricted and can be defined by the players in them.

Battlestar Galactica hopes to stretch people's perceptions of what a free, browser-based MMO can accomplish. Take a look at the video below - it's impressive stuff.

Plus, it's backed by telly channel Syfy, so all the right licensing deals are in place.

Free and browser-based, remember.

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