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Kinect Gears game in the works – report

Cliffy B: No Kinect in Gears of War 3.

Some form of Gears of War-related Kinect game will be revealed during next month's Video Game Awards show, according to a report.

Microsoft will use the Spike TV VGAs to reveal new titles for Kinect, according to IGN, and one of them is Gears of War for Kinect.

At this stage it is unclear whether it's an all-new Gears of War game for Kinect, or an already-released Gears game with Kinect controls retro-fitted.

But we do know Gears of War 3, due out fall 2011, will be free from the technology – Epic Games poster boy Cliff Blezinski said so on Twitter.

How could it work?

Back in August, Rare's Nick Burton told Eurogamer the Kinect Sports creator had already brainstormed how to augment the shooter experience with the Xbox 360 add-on.

"At the moment when you play Halo you have to control the camera with a thumb stick," Burton said. "What if you didn't? What if you're shouting grenade? You're not going to find the grenade button. The grenade button's still there, but..."

The mind boggles.

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