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New DLC announced for The Fight

Glass-jawed Move brawler gets patched too.

New DLC for Move scrapper The Fight: Lights Out is about to step into the ring, along with a bug-fixing title update.

According to the PlayStation blog, the patch, available now, comes first and "resolves several small issues reported by players and includes the ability to make your fighter transparent in order to get a better view of your opponent."

The update also preps the game for the Duke DLC pack, due next month.

"You will now be able to use all of the boss characters as well as the main man, Duke, to use in both online and offline multiplayer modes as part of the Duke DLC pack," the blog post explains.

And that's not all. A member of the development team recently posted on a GameSpot forum that more DLC was incoming.

"We have a new patch lined up in January as we have another DLC pack for the new year. I can't go into specifics but what I will say is it will work you hard to shed those excess pounds you pile on over the holidays.

"Needless to say reviewers will probably hate it, lazy bleeders," the post adds.

Cheeky, but possibly true. Eurogamer's lithe, limber Dan Whitehead deemed the ColdWood Interactive-developed title worthy of just 5/10 last month.

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