The Fight: Lights Out

New DLC announced for The Fight

New DLC announced for The Fight

Glass-jawed Move brawler gets patched too.

New DLC for Move scrapper The Fight: Lights Out is about to step into the ring, along with a bug-fixing title update.

According to the PlayStation blog, the patch, available now, comes first and "resolves several small issues reported by players and includes the ability to make your fighter transparent in order to get a better view of your opponent."

The update also preps the game for the Duke DLC pack, due next month.

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Move is precise enough – Sony

Most games "not taxing it to full accuracy".

Sony is able to improve the accuracy of motion-sensing controller Move through firmware updates to the PlayStation 3 – but it may decide not to.

The Fight: Lights Out

The Fight: Lights Out

Knuckle down.

I've barely started playing Sony's gritty Move-enabled beat-'em-up and Danny Trejo is already shouting at me. "YOU'LL BREAK THE GAME IF YOU MOVE AROUND" he barks, his grizzled face looming at the screen like an angry testicle with a moustache.

As a way of defining the limitations of the hardware, it certainly guarantees your attention, even if it rather undermines the "Move" brand.

To be fair, Se๑or Trejo is talking about your feet. You need to stay in one spot for The Fight to work, but the rest of your body is free to move as much as you like. In fact, it's an absolute requirement – this is a genuinely punishing experience, forcing you to throw real weighty punches rather than the feeble Wii-flicks you may be used to from other motion sensing games.

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PlayStation Move

We only played everything.

At last, Sony's new motion controller has a name. And it's not Arc or Gem, as you'll know if you read our live text blog or the rumours floating around the internet before the press conference even kicked off. As soon as it was over the audience flocked to the room next door, where Sony had set up 30 demo stations to show off the first batch of PlayStation Move games.