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MS gives Kinect tape measure to Japan

And cleverly makes it tiny.

Microsoft has come up with an ingenious solution to tackle cramped and Kinect-unfriendly living conditions in Japan - a tape measure.

A printed length of paper can be taken home by shoppers from Kinect displays with which to measure their playing area. And cleverly, Microsoft has only made this paper tape measure not-quite 3 feet long.

That's under half what Microsoft told a Western audience was an "ideal" distance to stand away from Kinect - not to mention the three-to-four feet needed either side of a player for movement.

However, the person who took the picture - DJmizuhara - revealed in this article's comments thread that on the reverse side of the paper tape measure Microsoft tells shoppers to use two lengths.

Intrigued by the ideal conditions Kinect requires, Johnny Minkley will take Eurogamer TV inside the houses of Eurogamer staff next week to put the Xbox 360 camera to the test.

Whose crib will be best I wonder?

Picture taken by @DJmizuhara.