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Tony Hawk Shred sold how many?

Don't tell Tony - heel-flip out.

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Flop watch: if Tony Hawk: Shred were a quiff, it would have flopped from Activision's head down past its eyes, nose and into its mouth.

How many copies did the second skateboard peripheral game sell during October in the US? Three thousand copies, according to

Three thousand copies in the biggest videogame market in the world.

It's probably safe to assume there won't be a third instalment. Maybe that's why the Robomodo development team has been let go.

Note: Shred sales were calculated over six days, from 26th October to 31st. Therefore, it's still theoretically possible for Shred sales to increase as Christmas approaches.

Like Tony Hawk: Ride before it, Tony Hawk: Shred comes with a plastic motion-sensing skateboard peripheral. The idea is to simulate riding a skateboard (not fully - you don't actually kick-flip or Ollie, although you do 'manual').

But why didn't it take off? Are we overloaded with peripherals? Was the skateboard rendered obsolete by Kinect and Move?

Perhaps - or maybe the game was simply rubbish. Tony Hawk: Ride was. Ellie Gibson gave it 4/10 - a point for every page of writing.

However, A sparse page of reviews on Metacritic is optimistic that Shred is much better.

Tony Hawk: Shred was released on 29th October here. Activision has yet to send Eurogamer a copy.

Shred err?

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