Tony Hawk: Shred


Tony Hawk explains why Ride was "rushed"

"Still a lot of interest," in skateboarding games.

Tony Hawk explains why Ride was "rushed"

"Still a lot of interest," in skateboarding games.

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Tony Hawk sits the year out.

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Awful Shred sales don't tell full story

Expect "bigger ramp-up" for holiday season.

Tony Hawk Shred sold how many?

Don't tell Tony - heel-flip out.

Tony Hawk: Shred team axed

Activision lays off Robomodo staff.

Tony Hawk: Shred dated

Out in a few weeks.

Bobby Kotick loves the Ride board

Activision boss's favourite peripheral.

Tony Hawk: Shred out "this holiday"

Created for a "younger audience".

Activision confirms Tony Hawk: Shred

Sounds like it's out this year.

Tony Hawk reveals name of next game

"Somewhere a PR team is reeling."