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Beyond Good & Evil PC for two quid

Get Games takes us back.

Can't make your mind up about what to buy this weekend? Our friends at PC download site Get Games have a suggestion – how about Beyond Good & Evil for two quid?

Yes, you can bag yourself a copy of one of Ubisoft's best games ever today for just £2. Just head over to the Get Games BG&E page for details.

BG&E was released in late 2003 and won massive acclaim from the likes of us for its charming story, lovely characters and often soothing approach to adventuring. You can read about its enduring appeal in last year's glowing retrospective.

Elsewhere on Get Games at the moment, you can pre-order the forthcoming PC version of our neighbour Relentless Software's colourful and quirky murder mystery series, Blue Toad Murder Files for £13.49.

Full disclosure: Get Games is a downloadable PC games service by the people behind Eurogamer. We occasionally highlight special offers on it when we think you'll be interested. Let us know if you are or not!

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Beyond Good & Evil

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