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Squier RB3 guitar dated, priced

Start saving your pennies.

The Squier Rock Band 3 guitar – both a working instrument and game controller – will be available on 1st March 2011 in the USA, manufacturer Fender has announced.

According to Fender's official site, the Stratocaster will set you back $279.99 (around £175 / €199) and will be available for pre-order from 1st January 2011.

We've contacted Fender to pin down a European release date. The alternative 102-button Mustang guitar controller was available at launch, priced £124.99.

Earlier this week Rock Band 3's project director Daniel Sussman told Eurogamer, "The Squier is absolutely the flagship of the Pro Guitar experience. There's something incredibly powerful about being able to play a game and then being able to take the gameplay that you've developed and apply that to an actual guitar."

Sussman will no doubt be hoping the Squier gives the game a much-needed push at retail. Harmonix's tour de force struggled to find customers in its first week.

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