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Double Fine announces Stacking

XBLA/PSN puzzler next for Schafer's crew.

Tim Schafer's Double Fine studio has announced its next title – a puzzle adventure called Stacking, due on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in Spring 2011.

The game, to be published by THQ, sees you take control of a small Russian matryoshka – you know, one of those 'nesting' dolls that opens up to reveal another doll, which opens up to reveal another doll, and so on.

You have to jump inside other matryoshkas to take on new abilities – such as jumping into a female doll to distract a guard so you can sneak through a door.

Burping and flatulence also appear to be key themes.

IGN has the rather wonderful 1930s-themed launch trailer.

While you're waiting for that to drop, Double Fine's last game, the lovely Costume Quest, has some new DLC on the way.

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