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Team Meat "can't EVER do a PS3 version"

Sony didn't express "much interest".

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Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat wants to make one thing clear: there will never - not in a million years - be Super Meat Boy on PS3.

"Why wont this question die?" the carnivorous developer asked. "We have answered it publicly at least 15 times but it just never ends."

"We can't EVER do a PS3 version of Super Meat Boy because when we were going into negotiations with publishers, Sony was the only one that didn't express much interest in the game. We assumed this meant they didn't want the game, and [we] decided to sign with Nintendo and Microsoft.

"Our contracts excluded any release on PS3," the post added. "We would have loved to do a PS3 version, but its not at all possible whatsoever now, so please stop asking about it."

But a PC version of the super-hard, super-retro, super-fantastic timed platform game is very much part of the plan. "Our goal is to release the PC version on Steam by the last week of Nov," Team Meat explained.

PC fans can look forward to exclusive unlockable secret characters in their version of the hit game. There will be six in total, including Captain Viridian from indie smash VVVVVV. A clue to those remaining reads: "One of them sticks, one of them dashes, one of them changes form and one of them isn't organic."

These characters aren't going to make their way to the Xbox Live Arcade game - "No, never."

The PC audience also gets a level editor. The planned release for this is "sometime in December". "The initial release will be a bit rough," warned Team Meat, "but as time passes we will take in your suggestions and fine-tune the editor and level portal into a super smooth piece of awesomeness that will keep the community going for years."

It'll also be "100 per cent free".

Xbox Live Arcade fans can look forward to a beefy title update coming their way on - tentatively - 21st November.

Under the chapter heading "The Sewers of Dross", 20 new levels stuffed. They range from medium difficulty to "soul crushing" and revolved around character Gish and his sticky abilities.

"This update will fix all known bugs, erase all 0.0 times from the leaderboards and come with a totally new music track by Danny called Dr. Fetus's Castle," the blog explained.

The Sewers of Dross will be one of three new chapters released on XBLA this year.

Super Meat Boy arrived in mid-October on Xbox Live Arcade. Like the fantastic Trials HD before it, the hook comes from completing levels as fast as you can.

Engineered to perfection, Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell eventually found himself "crazy in love" with Super Meat Boy.

The first 15 minutes of Super Meat Boy - SMB, arf.

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