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Super Meat Boy / Mario Galaxy crossover is a great proof of concept

Demo reel taken to celebrate half of Team Meat's 30th birthday.

Reddit user HilariousCow has created a Super Meat Boy / Super Mario Galaxy crossover in Unity that reimagines the plucky bloody mascot in a 3D space tailored to his speedy, slippery movements.

The project was created in honour of Super Meat Boy programmer Tommy Refenes' 30th birthday. So happy birthday, Tommy!

Sadly, HilariousCow said this was never meant to be released, but rather to portray how Super Meat Boy's hyper-kintetic movements could be used in 3D. "This isn't a serious stab at making anything sellable or anything," said HilariousCow on Reddit. "It's just an experiment in adaptation."

And much like the 2D game, this 3D rendition wouldn't require any camera manipulation. "It defeats the point," noted HilariousCow.

Even if we never get to play it, Super Meat Boy Galaxy remains an intriguing "what if" scenario. See it in action in the demo footage below.

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Super Meat Boy

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