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Super Meat Boy devs troll dodgy-sounding movie producer

Team Meat records clueless scammer, hilarity ensues.

When Super Meat Boy creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes were contacted by a dodgy-sounding movie producer seeking money, they didn't put the phone down on him.

Instead, they invited the hopeful Hollywood man back for a Skype chat - and recorded the whole thing (thanks, Indie Statik).

The unidentified "producer" approached the duo - collectively, Team Meat - with an odd-sounding deal. He would take $4000 of their money to plan a Super Meat Boy movie treatment. Then he would take $12,000 more to work a script "blueprint".

He would take the the cash himself, he explained, rather than using a third-party escrow account. But after six months - if things were working out - he would inexplicably give them half of their money back.

So begins a long and, at times, painful phone conversation where McMillen and Refenes take the producer through their outlandish plans for the project and generally pretend to be clueless about everything.

Highlights include the duo pretending not to know how the stock market works ("you buy high and sell low, right?") and their claim that Microsoft owes them $7 million - but they won't sue as Microsoft knows they know that Kinect is just a scam (there's just a guy moving a mouse behind the screen).

If you can't listen to the call - embedded below - here's an excerpt where the duo discuss their vision for the Super Meat Boy movie's story.

"There's a kid from a troubled home, and he's growing up. And he's walking to the deli to get a cut of meat. And in the background, the girl - she's on a skateboard, you remember the trailer? - she flips. And as she's doing the flip, she takes off the hat. You think it's a boy but it's a girl."

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