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Super Meat Boy's long journey onto a Nintendo console ends next week

Quorn you believe it?

Stupendously good indie platformer Super Meat Boy launches on Wii U on 12th May.

The release date marks the end of the game's long journey onto a Nintendo console - some six years after its debut on the Wii was cancelled.

Super Meat Boy's Wii U version is the work of experienced port house BlitWorks.

Super Meat Boy originally launched for Xbox 360 back in 2010 and was an instant hit. PC, Mac and Linux ports swiftly followed. PlayStation 4 and Vita versions then arrived last autumn.

Super Meat Boy was once set to debut on Wii via the console's downloadable WiiWare platform, but Nintendo restrictions on game size lead to the version being delayed and ultimately dropped.

A full blown sequel, Super Meat Boy: Forever, is also in development.

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Super Meat Boy

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